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Friday, July 24, 2009
Jim Smith asked me about playing the fiddle since I have been learning to play the mandolin. I can actually play "Faded Love" so that you would know what it is supposed to be. As I told Jim, I have reached the point of being able to fool the uninitiated into thinking that I can play the mandolin and banjo. Anyone with an ear for music would probably not agree but I do have a couple of fans. I thhink they are deaf or hard-of-hearing but I;ll take what I can get.I have become a fairly decent country/bluegrass bassist although I would not be comfortable playing publically. My music group doesn't frown nearly as much as in the past.

The old retirement plan is about where everyone else's is given the state of the markets. My company is doing okay and we are in a good market for our products so I expect some growth this year.

Like Mr. Possum, I do not have time for daily blogging and forget for long periods but keep stopping in. Who knows what may be here.