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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Retirement Update:

Once again, I failed to win the lottery so it looks like there is no real change in the retirement picture. I have a couple of "retired" friends and I don't want to work that hard anyway.

I suppose I could be one of those people who watch TV all day but as I only watch two hours a week now, it looks a lot like work just finding enough stuff to watch to fill a whole week. I tried "Oprah" but quickly decided that the TV wouldn't hold up to hard things being thrown at it.

My wife says there is plenty of yardwork to keep me busy but I have a vague memory of going to college to get out of farming which has a uncanny resemblance to yardwork. I have never been into that "full circle" stuff.

When I was young, I wanted to be a math professor. If I could only remember the quadratic equation, I might pursue that dream.

I haven't played Thursday Three for a long time because I didn't know the answers. I think I can do this week's.

1. Do you still live in the town where you grew up? If not, what do you miss the most? If so, what has changed the most?

I didn't grow up in a town but I live about 40 miles from the one that was closest. I can't think of a single thing I miss. If that sounds cold to you, then you didn't grow up in the middle of nowhere. Not much has changed in the closest town except they have a bank, a drug store and a police department.

2. Does your family still own the house you grew up in? Either way, what was it like the last time you saw it?

I lived in several houses but the one my parents owned when I left home now belongs to my Aunt who I visit at least once a month the last time being three weeks ago.

3. What is the biggest change in the last 5 years where you live now?

Huntsville and the surrounding towns and counties are growing at a rapid rate with subdivisions popping up in every cotton field. I am ready to move away.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
It seems that the 24 hours over the counter anti-allergy drugs are really only good for about 10 hours.

I think the problem here in Huntsville may be the pollen combined with extremely (for us) dry weather. The dust keeps getting deeper and there is no releif in sight.

Monday, March 26, 2007
I woke up Saturday morning wondering when the backs of my eyelids had been converted to acid soaked sandpaper. A quick visit to the Target pharmacy yielded another anti-allergy medication that really doesn't work unless making the grit on the sandpaper finer and diluting the acid 3.5% counts as working.

I really need to move back to New Mexico at least during the Spring.