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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
So what do the election results mean? Not much on the domestic front. The lefties can't go too far because of the "Blue Dog Democrats" just as the real rightwingers were kept in line by moderate Republicans.

Don't expect the current capital gains and estate tax rates to continue since it is obvious to anyone with a brain that only the rich have either.

Also expect to see a move to raise income tax rates back to 2000 levels if not higher. Any such bill will not pass.

Expect another 9-11 incident (not as large) in the next couple of years that could have been prevented with proper intelligence.

The Republicans deserved to lose if only for having Dennis Hastert as Speaker.

The Democrats will not learn that lesson.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
I do not understand firemen and policemen. Never have! Never will! Why would someone work hard to get a job where they get put their life on the line regularily? It doesn't make sense to me.

On the other hand, I was a soldier for almost 32 years. At any time, I could have been sent into a situation where I could have been killed or badly wounded.

The two statements above don't fit together at all. There is too much discord there. But both are true.

When I read about American servicemen and women being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, it hits me at my very core. I grieve for every one and at any given time, there are several people I know personally serving in those countries.

But I do not call for withdrawal from either country because more servicemen are likely to be killed. I understand why they are there and why they voluntarily re-enlist or extend their service obligations. From my years in the Army, I know that most soldiers do what they do because of some deep sense of obligation. They really wish that they were somewhere else, but they do not and will not willingly leave their fellow soldiers.

I do not expect everyone to understand soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. I do not understand firemen and policemen, but I suspect all are driven by the same instinct: the need to protect their family and for them, their family is us all.

I never sat around and talked about such things with my friends while I was on active duty. We talked sports, cars, the weather and how our last assignment was so much better, but I believe most were in the Army for the same reason I was. Someone had to stand on the wall and watch for the bad guys.

I suppose the firemen and policemen are doing the same thing, only different bad guys.