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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Jordana mentions her Daughter's choice in clothing which reminded me of the clothes my now 28 year old Daughter used to pick out for herself. Stripes and dots worked well for her.

She had another endearing quality which hasn't gone away. Whenever she wanted to do something or go somewhere, she always insisted that it was probably the only chance she would ever get to do/see x.

Last night we called to wish her a good trip to Greece where she will be a bridesmaid for a college roommate. When her Mom told her to have a good time, her comment was that she would try because she would probably never again get a chance to see Europe.

She bought an English/German dictionary for her 4 hour layover in Frankfurt. She was not impressed by my assertion that one only needs two German phrases: 1. Ein gross stein bier and 2. Andere gross stein bier!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
As both of you know, I have a problem with my right eye that doesn't seem to be clearing up. Yesterday, I broke my glasses which really didn't help the situation much at all. Today I am wearing glasses the Air Force issued me in 1992. If there are more than the usual number of errors in the post, that explains them. Yep, I was Army but I spent 4 years on an AF base. I went looking for some glasses to wear yesterday after breaking my regulars and the only ones I could find were the AF specs from a couple of decades ago.

I ordered some fancy new "progressive " lens glasses that are supposed to eliminate the multiple images I see through bifocals.

We'll see (pun intended) hopefully Friday.