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Friday, September 29, 2006
This story reminded me of hunting with friend when I was in high schol. Larry's Dad had told him that he should never shoot a sitting rabbit. We came upon a rabbit that was sitting facing away from us. Larry subvocalized: "Run rabbit, run" and than blasted it.

I suspect the police didn't give the perp much more warning.


I was thinking about the need for an Internet "Mr. Answer Person" ala Dave Barry. Since Dave is on a long break from column writing, there is no one to explain the total insanity that passes for the world at large. Of course, the is Dr. Possum, but he comes around so seldom that it is hard to get answers to the really burning questions of the day when one really needs them.

Now I know that both of you are thinking, "Larry is going to start answering questions". Nope, I have the questions. I need answers. For example, "How can 42% of the American public be so ignorant of economics that they can believe that Bush controls gasoline prices?" Actually my real question is "How can that 42% be breathing since their brain capacity appears to be too low for even involuntary functions?"

See, lots of questions, no answers.

I'll go back to being a government contractor now.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Well, another day in the exciting world of government contracting comes to a close. I really do need to get a job that has some socially redeeming qualities.

Monday, September 25, 2006
Did I ever mention that government contracting is not my favorite activity?

If not, I should have.

We finally got some rain around here. I was beginnning to wonder if the global warming crowd is right but then I read that, at least for Huntsville, Summer 2006 has been the hottest on record--since 1953 which averaged 2 degress hotter. There's a story in there somewhere.

Huntsvillians learned last week that Verizon will open a 1300 person call center here. I was hoping for some operational towers so I can get decent cell service but at least now the complaint center will be a local call.