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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Is there any chance they'll take him up on his offer? We would never be that lucky.

I noticed that there were three people who read my last post. If I had known my readership was that broad, I would have been posting more often.

Monday, September 18, 2006
I have returned from my adventure in the American West. I found it to be a mostly cellphone free area (at least for Verizon phones) and sparsely populated except around San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Wyoming is in the midst of an "oil boom" and motel rooms are more scarce than Gucci boots in downtown Laramie. We drove the Dodge supertruck 7300 miles averaging 21 mph and 500 miles per day. The highest gas price I saw was $3.96 at the South entrance to Death Valley and the lowest was $2.13 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. I didn't buy at either place.

The highest temperature was 120 in Death Valley. The lowest was 55 a hundred miles north of Death Valley. The highest point was a pass in Yosemite and the lowest was 111 feet below sea level in Death Valley.

The best "sights" were the Hoover Dam (American in the 1930's knew how to build things), the Sequoias and giant redwoods ( I am now a spotted owl fan) and the geysers in Yellowstone.

My son and I had a really great time (our first real time together since he graduated HS in 1993) and we will do something similar again although we are agreed that the next time we will drive to a central point and rent a car.

Anyone for the ALCAN highway?