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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Someone (I can't remember who) suggested that I try to rewrite the "best post ever" I mentioned yesterday or sometime anyway. Look folks, if I had any memory left I would go on that TV program where you ask the questions to the answers or something like that and make my fortune and give up the lucrative government contracting business.

I thought about writing a book entitled "Government Contracting for Fun and Profit" but I figure that writing a book would be a lot like writing proposals and I am right tired of doing that.

Anyway, my current scheme, er plan is to post handwritten flyers at strategic street corners saying: "Earn BIG $$$$ from the COMFORT of your HOME as a HIGHLY PAID GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR call 1-800-Take My Money NOW!!!!)

Speaking of take my money, MR. PAUL OKAGBUE notified me yesterday that his email address has changed. So if any of you didn't get your bid in for the millions he is trying to transfer to you and you didn't get the address change notice, sorry!

I'll be out posting flyers for the next couple of days and when the $$$$ start rolling in, I am sure I'll be way too busy counting my money to mess with you "little people" so this may be it for Blogging.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
I wrote out the best post ever yesterday and Blogger ate it. Since I have no memory, I cannot reproduce it. It is your loss. Of course, you have to take my word for that.

Monday, May 01, 2006
I am building a walkway and small retaining wall in our backyard. A pallet of the blocks I am using weighs over 5000 pounds. I moved a whole pallet Saturday. I was really thankful that it was raining Sunday. I really have no sense of aesthetics so I hired a guy to design the whole setup. I am learning that aesthetics cost a lot, not to mention making muscles sore.

I keep assuring myself that it will be worth it in the end if the end ever comes.

Anyone know a good roofer working around Hunstville? I do not do roofs and am getting real close to needing a new one.