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Friday, April 07, 2006
I had to go to Atlanta yesterday for some marketing work and again I discovered that I am not a big city person. I especially enjoyed the slow moving parking lot up near the I-75/US41 interchange which appeared to be caused by the dump truck conveniently pulled over by a policeman right at the junction. Of course all 7 or 8 lanes of traffic had to slow down to look which meant all lanes stopped.

Usually gasoline is cheaper in Georgia but they seem to have caught up with us poor Alabamans as the price was about the same as ours. I saw the usual assortment of potential suicide drivers but again managed to stay out of their way.

Didn't gain a thing businesswise though.

Monday, April 03, 2006
There's nothing I like less than a weekend with great weather during which I feel miserable. I mowed, dethached and aerated the lawn on Saturday and then spent the rest of the weekend with itchy eyes other allergy symptoms.

We have two Bluebird nests again this year but one pair seems to have abandon the box from last year and moved to one of the new ones. A Coopers' Hawk has decided that my shop roof is a good place to lurk. Saturday, it killed a bird as it left the feeder. I am waiting to see if we have an exodus of birds from our yard or if the hawk will move on.