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Friday, January 20, 2006
Things I Learned This Week:

  • It's not a good plan to not play the bass for three weeks and then put in five hours at a sitting.
  • Maturity is not a function of age. In mathematical terms it is not even a subset.
  • Betting on your roof lasting forever is not a good gamble.
  • No matter how bad my week has been, I usually hear of someone with a worse one.
  • It is possible for the Alabama Legislature to get dumber.

Thursday, January 19, 2006
Thursday Three

1. Have you ever been involved in a protest? Nope, although I have been protested against.

2. Have you been an active member of a political party and campaign? No, but I do dislike Al Gore so the possibility remains open.

3. What was the big movement of your generation? 1960's! You name it. Personally, I'm just sorry that I didn't run off to San Francisco and become a rock musician.

A Short Rant on a Thursday

Last night while driving home, I had to stop and wait for the traffic in the left lane to clear so I could go around the car that had pulled half off the street leaving the rear half blocking the lane. That was aggravating. The real aggravating thing was it was a police car. The person he had stopped had pulled into a parking place at a closed business with several empty places to either side of his car. The policeman pulled in behind him rather than getting off the street.

Oh, and I may as well complain about the price of gas.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Well that was certainly entertaining. Since last night at six, I have written a 20 page proposal. I admit there was a lot of shameless stealing from previous documents, but it is impressive anyway. Or at least is is to me, but then I am easy to impress.

Usually two of us work together on these things but the other guy had to go to Arkansas for a funeral so I was left to do it myself. He missed some serious fun if that isn't an oxymoron.

Yesterday was Lee's birthday. Friday is our wedding anniversary. We met 40 years ago February 12, 1966 and were married two years later. My roommate had been harrassing me about getting a date. I was not really interested since I had the vision of being a great mathmatician (this was before I learned I really didn't even like math majors) and dating would seriously interfere with studying. We went to lunch on a cold, rainy day and when we came out of the cafeteria, it was raining too hard to walk back to the dorm. We went to the student center where there were only two other people other than the student worker. Two girls were playing ping pong and my roomy invited us to play with them. As we walked to the table, he stopped beside the nearer girl and I walked to the far end. We each married the woman we partnered with that day. I would say it was love at first sight for Lee and me, but she only went out with me to aggravate the guy she was dating at the time and on our first date, I stopped in and bought a birthday card for the girl I was in love with back home. We didn't plan it, but neither of us ever dated anyone else after meeting on that cold February day.

38 years and knowing what I know today, I'd do it again in a micro-second.

I'm just amazed that she puts up with me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
This is starting to look at a really busy week. We are working on several proposals and my proposal pal had to go to Arkansas for a funeral. I get to do all the work this week. Posts will be short and few.

Unless we wash away in the flood that seems to be developing here in Huntsville in which case there will be no posts.