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Thursday, December 01, 2005
Since I came up with the questions, I suppose I must participate.

If all jobs paid the same and education and training were not an issue,

1) What job would you most want to have? I would teach in a small college probably American history.
2) What job would you wish on your least favorite politician? Ed Norton's job as a sewer cleaner although that would not be far removed from what they do today.

3) Where would each of the jobs above be located? Mine: A smallish town near a larger city. I personally like Colorado School of Mines in Golden.

The politician's: Detroit because it is cold in the Winter and hot in the Summer.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
I've been off to Oregon for Thanksgiving. It is a nice place or at least the part I was in is. A bit wet, but still nice. We went to the Oregon Trail End museum and take my word for it, you wouldn't have wanted to be one of those people. A single man who managed to get to Oregon could calim 320 acres and a married man could have 640. The down side was you had a real good chance of not surviving the trip across the Great Plains and Rockies. Single women couldn't claim any land but there seems to have been a lot of marriages of convenience between men who lost their wife on the journey and women who lost husbands.

The hardships didn't deter over 350,000 people from making the 100 day trek.

I think American Airlines is a better way to get there.

We ahve turned in our second proposal and now will wait two to three months for the Government to decide who they want.

I love this business.