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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
I love Blogger. This is my second try at this post. The first time, it posted with no content. Now, I know that this is never content heavy, but I do type some words even if they have little meaning.

I am about recovered from the surgery except for the sutures that are supposed to desolve which don't seem to be doing so.

We have finished our proposals but cna't turn in the second until later this month because someone is suing the Army over the contract and there is a delay while the court dows its thing. I am beginning to think there is more "profit" in being Bluegrass musician than in being a highly paid government contractor. I keep waiting for that "highly paid" part to kick in.

I see that Nate McCord is learning to play the dulcimer so maybe we can form the Axis of Weevil Band and get famous. Jim Smith could send in some licks and we could get the Possumman to sing a few lines and the next thing you know, we have us a hit.

Oh, and from reading some other Weevilites, I think there are several musicians on the rolls who could contribute.