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Thursday, September 15, 2005
I have been drinking so much Diet Coke during my long days writing proposals that I am getting a little sick of it and was thinking about switching to plain water until Mr. Possum reminded me that the Commies laced it with Floride which I seem to remember is some ingredient found in Florida Orange juice which I don't care for either.

1. With the recent hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast, it has once again been made obvious that being prepared ahead of time can be the difference between life and death. Do you and your family keep an emergency pack of supplies ready to go at a moment's instant as so many people recommend? What all is in it? Nope! Not much for preparation. About the only thing likely to hit my house is a tornado. Since I pretty much ignore the hysteria of our local weather guys (actually, I never watch them), I'll be gone in the first gust. Lee and I do have enough food and water to last several days and a couple of first aid kits from our days driving in Germany where they were required. I have enough junk in my shop to keep my fire place going for several days and I have been thinking about buying a small generator to at least run the fan on my heat pump and a few lights.

2. If, heaven forbid, anything as destructive as a hurricane or earthquake or fire or flood were to hit your community, and assuming you stayed around or couldn't get out, what are some of the skills you have that you think could be utilized to start the recovery efforts? I still remember the first aid stuff the Army insisted I know. If you have a sucking chest wound, I can help you and I can probably keep you from beeding to death if you have lost a leg or arm. I can prety much do any construction job that doesn't involve electricity which I long ago decided was witchcraft.

3. How safe do you feel in your own community when it comes to disaster preparedness? Pretty safe. We have two things here, tornados and ice storms. The responders in my community are the volunteer fire department who have little or no government involvement and they get to the scene real quick and do a good job. The Sherriff's deputies seem to be good also. What little I have seen from the local politicians does not make me real confident. They seem to be focused on improving conditions for developers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
The proposal is coming together. I have about pegged my funmeter though. I really hope the other company we are teamed with decides to be the prime on the proposal due a week after this one because I really need a reast.

Monday, September 12, 2005
Wouldn't you know it! Right in the middle of writing the proposal, when I could least afford it, I come down with the first migraine I have had in about 6 years. It started yesterday during Church and went downhill from there. Today I feel like the proverbial truck ran over me and I have about 30 pages of drivel to write that will not be fully appreciated by the people who will eventually read it.