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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Jim Smith (a likely name) asks about the retirement planning. Not going real good would be the consensus if we were polling. The retirement's investments are slowly increasing but expenses seem to be growing faster. Last week a large poplar fell during a storm and I am having several other trees cut before they drop on my house. The guy who owns the tree service company appears to be ahput thirty and I estimate he will be able to retire about next Friday.

However, my retirement clock has inched back to a few weeks after I die. Of course, that is a little better than previous estimates of years after death.

If I knew anything about HTML, I could put a clock such as the Doomsday Clock up at the top here and then update it as financial circumstances dictate. 12:00 midnight would be retirement and the minute hand would never quite get there.

Monday, my work computer ate its second harddrive this year and it is an unrecoverable failure. I really hate that!

The good news is we are off to Texas to visit our son for a few days. The bad news is he says it is well over 95 and humid.