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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
We had a good Memorial day. Some friends from England stopped by and spent Monday night with us. They have been in the US for a month driving a rented RV around the Southeast. John thinks he has now been in every state except Alaska and Minnesota and says he can't think of any reason to visit MN except to complete his collection and will just settle for a Minnesota quarter. He and Bron spend a month each year travelling somewhere and they usually try to make it an adventure. The adventure this year was the RV built on a Ford E450 chassis with a 7.4 liter V10. It is getting 8 mpg. John says it works out okay for him since the gasoline cost per mile is about what he pays for driving his Peugeot 307 back home. The best I can calculate they pay about $8 per gallon for petrol.

John thinks Americans are nuts for driving SUVs when there are so many nice cars available that get much better gas mileage. Of course even at 66, John does tend to drive "spirited" and an SUV isn't exactly the car for that kind of driving. John's regular transportation is a 650 Honda. When we worked together in Colorado, he rode a Harley Sportster with the 1200 cc kit. John liked the Dodge pickup even if it is a bit deficient in handling.

John brought his trombone (actually rented in Atlanta) and we played some English brass band music although it was a bit empty what with only a trombone and a string bass.

I try to not collect any "normal" friends.