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Friday, April 29, 2005
Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Not only do we get the world famous Possumblog Thursday Three or four or maybe five, but I get about 5 hours of country and bluegrass fun with friends. And when I awake, it is Friday the day before Saturday. The bass playing is coming along well. I plan on working some on "walking bass" runs this week. The disturbing thing about the bass is that after three months, I already play the bass better than I do the guitar after over 40 years. Who knows, if I had started playing the bass when I was 14, I may have been the bass Chet Atkins.

Now that Terry has bought his Mercedes, we should be getting long expositions on how he spent his weekend trying to locate the oil filter and getting the odor of diesel out of all his clothes. I don't see his garage ceiling getting fixed any time soon.

Looks like the old retirement plan took two steps back in April.

I didn't want to retire anyway.