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Friday, April 01, 2005
Jim Smith asked for a music update from this week's session. Sorry, no session. The guy whose house we play at went fishing for two weeks and next week I will miss because my daughter is visiting from Oregon. I took my fiddle in this morning to get a new bridge whittled. Seems each violin has to have a custom bridge made. My two lower register strings are dragging on the fingerboard and my playing isn't good enough to make up for any instrument deficiencies.

I am working on learning the fiddle, bass and mandolin. Interestingly, I find my guitar playing improving as I work on the other instruments. If this keeps up, I may be able to play in public in a decade or so.

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Thursday Three

1. Dunkin’ or Krispy Kreme: Never eat donuts
2. Cheese curls or cheese puffs: Nor these
3. Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate

CATEGORY 2--TV People:
1. Ginger or Mary Ann: Not a Gilligan fan
2. Crockett or Tubbs: Huh?
3. Barney or Warren: Barney was funny. Warren was just an idiot.

CATEGORY 3--Potpourri:
1. 9mm or .45: A 9mm is for looks. The 45 is a weapon.
2. Pro football or college football: I take it these are some kind of sport.
3. Boxers or briefs/thong or granny panties: Mighty dern personal aren't we.
4. Electric or blade: Blade. I keep waiting for a 6 blade "ultimate" razor.
5. Paper or plastic: Paper. I do my company accounting on the empties.
6. Dark socks and sandals at the beach or barefooted: I may be old but I have a little class- barefoot.
7. Wal-mart or K-mart: Wal-mart if I just have to go to either.
8. Dog or cat: Not an pet kind of person. We had a cat for 17 years and she hated me unless I was the only one around.
9. LP or CD: CD since I don't have a stylus for my turntable.

Monday, March 28, 2005
I spent a good portion of yesterday with my Church. My Church is the people who I worship with, attend Sunday School with, where I sing in the choir and where I spend more than a few hours each year working on the building and grounds where we meet for most of our activities.

Staring last Wednesday, I was at five different services plus choir practice. My pastor presented four different sermons on the Risen Christ and what Easter means to Christians. Not once did he say anything about forcing anyone to be a Christian. In fact, my denomination is pretty clear in its belief that you cannot force anyone to be a Christian even if we sincerely believe that everyone should be told about Christ and given the opportunity to believe.

It has been a long time since I thought death was the worst thing that could happen to a person especially a Christian since we believe that death is at most temporary. No, there are many things worse than death. Lingering in pain for months as my Grandfather did is worse. He did not have a feeding tube, but he managed to swallow what my Grandmother offered him long after he ceased to show any other signs of awareness. A fast growing brain tumor does that to you. A few years later, my Dad developed the same brain cancer. He was up and about until about two days before he died. He had chemo and radiation, lost his hair, gained a hundred pounds of fluids but he and I were still able to go out and visit with friends and family two weeks before his death. When he started downhill, it was very quick.

My Dad never had a living will. I don't think such a thing existed in 1976, but he had told us that he didn't want to go through what my Grandfather suffered. Fortunately, he died before my Mom had to make any decision because she would have hung on to him as long as medical science could make possible. In fact, she never recovered from losing him and died young herself.

My Dad's Mother was still living when he died. I think she would not have wanted him to go through what my Grandfather did and my brothers and sister would have agreed with her. My Mom would have made the decisions though and it would have been torture for all of us.

None of us want to see our loved ones die, but sometimes it's best to let them go.