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Friday, March 11, 2005
Not much to tell today. The music session was a little short last night with several regulars missing and others of us not feeling so good. Cletus stopped by for a few minutes but we couldn't get him to sing any Elvis.

Today is looking a little rough workwise so I suppose I should get on with it.

All y'all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005
It’s another of those killer weeks at work. I am faced with laying off a couple of people and one of them owns nearly half the company. Should be interesting! Maybe he will get the other stockholders to fire me instead. From my seat, that would be the best outcome and I would go back to working on my own as a consultant. I have enough work to keep me busy for several months and if I run out of work, I can spend more time with my music.

Speaking of music, I continue to be amazed by how the learning process works with a musical instrument, at least in my case. I practice something and it never seems to come out right, then a couple of days later, it just works. My bass playing continues to be hampered by a weak little finger on my left hand. It is getting stronger but I am still having problems with the scales especially in the first four frets with the really wide spacings.