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Friday, March 04, 2005
Man am I happy I switched to the bass for my Thursday night music group. A fellow showed up last night who can make a guitar talk. I was too embarrassed to even ask if I could try his guitar when we took a break.

I got several compliments on my bass playing and the guitarist said he couldn't believe I had only been playing 4 weeks. Actually, last night was only the third time playing with a group but I have been playing a lot of scales. My wife has only threatened to kill me once or twice, so I must not be doing it to excess.

Thursday, March 03, 2005
Thursday Three:

Foods that make me retch: Pinto Beans. Can't think of any other, although the smell of a lot of eggs cooking early in the morning is a bit much. The thought of any raw seafood is about enough.

TV Shows: I only watch SG1, SG Atlantis, Andromeda, Battlestar Galactica and Enterprise so it is pretty much anything else on TV. I never, ever look at network news even the local stuff so I miss the goodness Terry writes about.

Immune To: Pretty much everything. Being in the Army tends to make you get over any weak stomach problems.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005
I see that I have not given any retirement reports for a few months now so here goes. Doesn't look so good for the near term. We are reorganizing the company (that probably translates as we are totally confused and hoping that a chance might do some good) and that is slowing the old savings program down a bit. Of course, the stockmarket is doing a little better, but the report on social security is not good. Apparently the system does not reward those who save for their dotage. From what I hear, you lose some SS dollars if you have other income. Maybe I should just spend it now and get that arch top guitar I want. Anyway, I seem to be back to having to work at least a year past death.

I am getting better at the bass, but cannot play it and even sing harmony. I haven't gotten to the automatic stage yet and still have to think about every note before I play it. Fortunately, the bluegrass fiddler has been absent, so I haven't had to think that fast yet.

Been trying the mandolin and have a couple of slower bluegrass tunes down but I am not ready to try it in the group yet. As sure as I try, someone will ask for the "Missouri Waltz" and I will be outed as the faker I am.