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Thursday, January 06, 2005
As I came up with some of the questions, I guess I have to partake.

1) What are three things you wish you had been able to get done in 2004, but didn’t? Actually finish one of the guitar courses I am doing, get the Mini on the street and obviously, get rid of the Mercedes.

2) What are three things you have always wished to do, but still haven’t done? Learn to play the guitar well, visit Ireland and New Zealand and drive a really fast car a few laps on a good road course. oh and win the lottery for about $40 million.

Where were you on 17-16? I was in Germany having the time of my life playing soldier. I wasn't following football at all, but my Father-in-law sent me a 45 rpm of the final 3:45 of the game.

What were Shug's and Bear's real names? Ralph and Paul

Why would anyone go to Alabama when a good school costs about the same? This question is a very deep philosophical one on par with "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" and after years of considering it, I still have no answer.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005
I need to clear up a little confusion over the free Mercedes I have been offering on this site. It is a 1961 220SEb coupe of enormous potential. (In old car guy language, that means that if you have skills in every area of automotive restoration, you possibly could get it on the road). The car has a good outer skin and a lot of very rare and expensive parts (or at least they were expensive when I bought them) and two good tires (possibly three as I haven't checked the spare). It ran when I parked it, but that was 17 years ago.

It is free for the taking. You just have to give me advanced notice so that I can get the 1995 Murray riding mower that I am restoring moved so that we can get the Mercedes out of the garage.

Of greater interest may be the 1961 Mini I have about 90% complete. It isn't free, but could be had for a good price. I have an extra new old stock engine and drive train. New old stock is car guy talk for never used parts discovered when someone is cleaning out their garage.

No telling what I would find if I cleaned out my garage.

For The Other Terry (TOT for short), the free Mercedes offer is open to all. We do not discriminate at Kudzu Acres. (I may have to change the blog name as the developer has plowed all the Kudzu under, but I have faith in Kudzu, so I'll wait awhile)