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Thursday, December 30, 2004
1) What was the best gift you got (or gave) this year? The very bestest gift was an electronic musical instrument tuner. A marvelous little device that lets you tune in the midst of others playing. Not that you can necessarily tell my playing from an out of tune instrument but at least my bad playing will be in perfect chromatic tune.

2) What was the worst gift you got (or gave) this year? Worst gift I got. Books. Now I have to sit and read good stuff rather than what I find on the Internet ( Axis of Weevil is good stuff even if it is on the Internet). I got "Ghost Soldiers" and read it Christmas Day. Lord, what a great story. Worst gift I gave: Probably the Mercedes I gave Terry since he refuses to come pick it up.

3) What gift are you going to have to go back and get for yourself because someone forgot to read your list to Santa? Still haven't gotten the Eastman Guitar I so desperately need, but I probably won't buy it for myself.