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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
I guess I should post ever now and then if only to meet the Axis of Weevil minimums. Lots of work and not many ideas for posts. My efforts t0 give Mr. Possum my Mercedes have so far been unsuccessful, but I think he is weakening. Anyone who looks twice at an MGB is susceptable to web-based hypnosis and I am slowly bringing him around. Don't anyone tell him that the deal is FOB my garage.

Just learned today that we are on four teams that won new contracts. Unfortuantely, all the contracts are are hunting licenses for work, but it is still good to be on the teams. Maybe we can come up with a little more local work.

My wife is in Florida visiting her Mom so I am batching it this week. Supper will consist of a single piece of lemon pepper frozen chicken from Sams. I don't really go in for the balanced meals when she is gone. I don't really go in for balanced meals when she is here, but I get them anyway.