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Thursday, October 21, 2004
It's been a while since I gave a retirement update so here goes. Who needs any stinkin' retirement. Working until three days after you die never hurt anyone!

Music update: It's Thursday, a double redletter day. We start off with the world famous Thursday Three and end up with hours of Country and Bluegrass. A little Rock and Folk would suit me just fine, but the gang looks at me like I have something on my shoes if I try to get a Beatles or Stones thing going. This week, I am working on picking "Sweet Georgia Brown" and singing the Conway Twitty song "I don't Know a Thing About Love". Neither is going really well. Old Conway turns out to be a bit like Willie and Waylon, not concerned a lot with the beat or maybe it is just me.

Well, it could be!

The picking is real slow since my old fingers don't like learning new motor skills.

My latest idea on getting the new guitars I want is sheer genius. I have talked my wife into taking guitar lessons. If all works according to plan, then that Eastland and Gibson ES135 are practically in my hands.

I do have to admit that there may be some problems with the plan. I have been directed to take the small Martin 015 to the repair shop since it suits my wife better.