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Thursday, October 07, 2004
1) Name your three favorite country/western/bluegrass songs.
a. "My Favorite Memory" by the Osborne Brothers
b. "Sunday Morning Coming Down" by Johnny Cash (Not sure it is really country)
c. "Look At Us" by Vince Gill

These may change by tonight.

2) Name your three favorite country/western/bluegrass singers.
a. Merle Haggard
b. The Dirt Band
c. Hank Snow: Truly amazing music in the late 40's and early 50's.

3) Which country/western/bluegrass station do you listen to most often?

105.7, Hartselle, Alabama. They are an independent station with DJs who still do shows from small town furniture stores and they play country and bluegrass from the earliest recordings up to today. I listen to WDVK web radio out of Clinton, Tennessee at work some times but they are a little eclectic for my day in day out tastes.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
This has been an interesting week so far. My wife's computer is a Compaq from 1997 that my Daughter started college with and which never worked well. The last few years it has been so slow that waiting has become a real virtue when you needed to do something. I increased the memory all the way to 32 meg and it was only marginally noticeable. It has Windows 98 and she uses Juno as an email service basically because it has been free and she does about four emails a week. Whenever she needs something from the Internet, she always asks me to look it up for her on my business computer which is a laptop that I bring home most nights. Well, Juno recently sent a message that the free dial up service is ending.

The old Compaq can't handle anything beyond what it is doing and I am pretty sure that the harddrive is on its final hours. Last week, I ordered a new Dell with a 2.4 Gig Celeron processor, 512 memory, Windows XP and Word Perfect. It arrived yesterday. I set it up last night and hooked it to my cable modem. Lee is in shock. Nothing looks the same. Even Juno is different on a non-dialup connection. She doesn't think she can ever learn to operate the new computer. I give her about two weeks until she discovers the Internet and how much information is out there.

A guy called today about coming to look at the Mercedes and possibly hauling it away. Maybe we can hook up this week since I really would like to be able to walk through my shop again. He has a British car repair shop and his daily driver is a 78 MGB. Maybe he will take the Mini too.