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Thursday, September 30, 2004
1) What is the single oddest thing (animate, inanimate, or formerly animate) that you have ever stored in your freezer or refrigerator? I used to put my Porsche cylinder heads in the freezer in vain attempts to release the valve guides. My wife quickly put a stop to that. Note that these were fairly well broken down 356 Porsches and do not indicate any financial means on my part.

2) What is the first television show you ever remember watching? The Cisco Kid at my Great Uncle's. We didn't get a TV until 4-5 years later and then it was Saturday mornign cartoons. I still love Bugs Bunny, Pepe LePew and The Roadrunner. We once had a cat that could run around the room parallel to the floor like the cat in the LePew cartoons.

3) How many different surgeries have you ever had? Knee surgery, Gall Bladder surgery and a bunch of day surgeries to remove lumps from under my skin for biopsy. I do not like surgery.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004
That was certainly fun. I just completed a 16 page interlocking Excel spreadsheet and it all works. Amazing!. Usually I spend a half day looking for some little mistake that has screwed up everything.

The Dodge is at my Brother's getting a color coordinated bedliner sprayed on. I am even getting a small can of color matched paint to touch up the numerous scratches I put on it everytime I load something. Right, now, I have to hurry out of here if I am going to catch a ride home. I'll let you know how the bedliner turns out.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004
My wife was exactly no help when I asked her what she thought of me moving to another job. Hs esays to do what I would like to do. If I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up, I wouldn't have stayed in the Army for 30 years. I suppose I'll just stay here. It's not really rocket science since the other job involves a lot of business development and if I can develop business, why not do it for me?

I guess the new guitar will have to wait for a few years. One of my brothers says he has a tenor guitar my Dad had made. I have never seen it although I think someone mentioned it once. He has it in his attic and says it has no strings. He says I should take it and start playing it if I can figure it out. Apparently it has a cut-down neck and only four strings. Brother thinks it is supposed to be tuned like a mandolin. Any ideas?

Monday, September 27, 2004
Okay this is the story. I started the company I work for with some other guys who have kind of moved on although a couple still own stock. We appear to be on the verge of getting some real business and making some money. Oh, you thought I made money. Remember, I traded the 11 year old Mazda for a four year old Dodge. Today, I was offered a job with a larger company that pays good (more than I have ever made) money now. I hate it when that kind of thing happens.

I stayed in the Army for 30 years so that I wouldn't have to make decisions about changing jobs and maybe getting better pay. Hah, I laugh at the idea of more pay! But I sure could use some more. There is an Eastland "f" hole guitar calling my name and I really could use a new set of tires for the Dodge. Ten years driving a Mazda pickup does not prepare one for actual horsepower and torque so the Dodge's rear tires are starting to get a bit thin. Plus the job offer would come with medical insurance and dental and I could get the tooth fixed and maybe see someone about the mental condition that seems to be developing. My friend who made the offer emphasized their mental health benefit. I guess he wanted to assure me that I would be working with mentally stable people.

Better go now. I am becoming bogged down by the need to make a decision.


I am beginning to think nothing exciting ever happens to me. I read about Terry Oglesby's adventures and.... Oh never mind, I can live without adventures.