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Thursday, September 23, 2004
So there I was minding my own business when I clicked over to Possumblog and there it was, the dreaded Thursday Three. What Thursday again? Oh well, the questions aren't that hard this week.

Let's see, three things I love about the South in the Fall. Cool mornings and sunny days. Not having to run either the AC or the heat. Open windows. Sorry, forget that one. There's always something in the air in the Fall that disagrees with my sinuses so no open windows, so I'll go for bright colored leaves. Yep we have those up here in the Northeastern Hills.

My three favorite places: Anywhere around Asheville, North Carolina. The eastern end of the Tennessee River Valley From Chattanooga to Huntsville. Any place they ain't playing football.

Things I dislike: Sweetgum burrs or whatever you call those things that fall off sweetgum trees by the millions, oh and dogwood berries. Those things sound like firecrackers when you step on them on concrete and I need my sleep. I wake up each morning when I step on the first one and my drive to work is so much more pleasant when I can do it asleep.

Did I mention that I got hit on my way home from work one day last week. I have the bad habit of yielding at yield signs and the guy behind me was surprised that I did and ran into the back of the Dodge. Of course there is a rather big trailer hitch back there and he got the worse of it. I need to go back to my home office. The commute was so much nicer.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Picked up my Mother-in-law at the airport this morning. We were barely out of the airport when she asked me if I missed the Army. I said not really and her next comment was: " I figured you would like to go fight for Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and Oil, that's what it is all about you know!" "Not working very well if you look at gas prices" was my answer. She didn't say anything else.

It is going to be a long three weeks.

Monday, September 20, 2004
What a week. When I tried to shut down my computer on the 10th, I had to push the magic button. Got home and did a startup with no problem. Saturday, it wouldn't work. After several hours, I gave up trying and figured I had a major problem. Last Monday, I came into work and tried to startup and it worked perfectly. I backed up some files just in case, but spent most of the day catching up on work I had intended to do over the weekend. Tuesday, the computer wouldn't start. Failed harddrive! Yippee!

Bought a new drive and spent half a day getting all my software on line. I took the old drive to a computer shop and they managed to copy most of my files. I still need to get all my email files copied, but at least I have the really important stuff taken care of.

My keyboard was in pretty bad condition so one of the guys brought me one he had. It is a French board and the keys are a little different. It has been interesting typing the last few days. At least my excuse for bad spelling has improved. My keyboard types in French and I have to translate.