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Thursday, September 09, 2004
The only thing I have from my childhood, and then only if you count 16 as childhood, is my Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar. My wife considers it to be a toy.

My favorite toy was rubber toy car that I think was an XK120 Jaguar, but I have never found one in any collectibles store (and I always look) so I am not sure. It could have been an early Triumph. Keep in mind that I was reared in rural (very) Alabama and British Sports cars were not rare but non-existant.

I always wanted an electric train set. A friend had one and we spent hours trying unsuccessfully to get it to make one complete circuit of the track. If I had had one, it would have been perfect and would have never jumped the track.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004
I had one of those Possum weekends. Friday, I was the only one at work and got some things done. Woke up Saturday with a bad headache but thought I could work through it. No such luck. We had been invited to a wedding Saturday afternoon, but I was racked out in a dark bedroom trying to keep from being sick from all the aspirin I had taken. Got up around six PM and watched a SciFi movie starring Gary Sinise. All I can say is he has fallen far since farest Gump.

Sunday I dragged myself off to Church and Sunday school and after two cups of Frances' coffee (not the hurricane but the coffee is about as destructive), I spent the afternoon taking down wall paper then I spent all day yesterday taking down more wall paper. Did I ever mention that a basic part of my religious belief is that the Almighty meant us to keep our feet firmly on the ground? There I was on the top of a ten foot ladder and I still couldn't reach the top most part of the wallpaper. My wife is calling arpound about a 14 foot ladder to rent. I can't wait. I think this is the last of the house renovation for this year although I suspect that the kitchen is on the lsit for nest year. Oh fun.

I picked up my Dad's Martin D-28 from my brother and it is in pretty bad shape. It has been in the guitar hospital for three weeks getting repaired. The neck has lots of relief which means that it is curved in the wrong direction. I was a little upset, but then several of the new Martins and other brands I tried out in the "wishing" section of the shop have more relief. I guess I just won't be able to do real fast picking on that guitar (as if I could on any guitar). The pickguard has warped and cracked the front of the guitar, but that should repair pretty well. Someone has used a guitar clamp (capo), one of the old screw types and really marked the back of the neck. The repairman says he can make that mostly invisible. I hope so.

My Thursday night picking session is on a three week hiatus as the garage owner has gone on vacation. I plan on working up a few songs while we are on break. I have Marty Robbins "Beggin' to You" down pretty good. I really like the guitar backup and pretty well have it down.

I worked up "Stand By Your Man" and look forward to playing it when we get back together. One of the women who stops by and sings a little, has a beautiful voice and does the song well, but the group couldn't get the music right the last time we tried it.

Tonight, I am back to pulling wall paper. What fun.