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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
I'm posting this early since I have several meetings in the morning. Have fun.

Let's see. Three questions? I had to go opening my big mouth or at least my big email and Terry reached out and yelled: “Tag, you’re it!” I can think of questions, but I always have problems with answers. If I knew any answers, I’d be rich or famous or something such as that. Okay here are the questions.

1. Can you name three good things about Southern weather in August? Air Conditioning doesn't count!
2. What do you consider to be the best time of the year weather-wise to be a Southerner?
3. Who is the most manic weather person tornado wise? There’s extra credit for a good description so the rest of us can get an idea of their work. For example, one of our local prognosticators appears to actually cheer for the tornado and insists in standing outside in the rain to do his forecast of partly cloudy.

My Answers

Number one and I’m sure happy I get to go first.

1. September isn’t that far off.
2. August weather certainly cuts down on the traffic at outdoor tourist attractions and it dries up the small watering holes where the skeeters grow.
3. Most tornados don’t happen in August.

Number 2: I always tell non-Southerners that the South has nine months of beautiful weather and at most six weeks of hot, muggy summer and six weeks of cold, damp winter. Of course, the bad days are separated by beautiful days where the weather can’t be matched anywhere. Of course I’m biased, but even I try to stay out of the August Sun.

Number Three: Ah, the local weather guys. Huntsville has a full cast of characters, but “Dan” takes first prize. He gets really excited about bad weather and a few years back decided that the National Weather Service was too slow in issuing weather warnings and started doing it himself. Of course he was right a few times and now has a religious following. I think he has agreed to not issue warnings, but he still gets really close. In really bad weather, I always get the idea that Dan is cheering for a big tornado to pop up. The thing that really bugs me is when he stands out in the rain to tell his viewers that it is raining or at times, that it is partly sunny?

Monday, August 02, 2004
We have new employee. We are in an economically backward area and try to hire locals to help the area improve. My new employee is a graduate of a local high school. From what we can tell, he was a "special ed" student which seems to translate as "we've placed him in special ed so now we don't have to actually teach him anything. We put him to work preparing some address labels. He didn't know that names should be capitalized, but he completed his assignment and did it well after we explained about capitalization. If he still remembers tomorrow what we told him today, I guess I'll have to blame the school for not teaching. The young man seems to have good work habits, but no skills. I would expect a high school graduate to know something.

Are my expectations too high?

Arose Saturday ready to face the world. Okay, I barely dragged nmyself out of bed. Looked out on my front step and there was----a dead possum. Just lying there. No evidence of injury. Kind of all splayed out like it had been hit by a semi. I looked for any evidence that a semi had sped across my lawn. None.

I wonder if this means I have been reading http://possumblog.blogspot.com too much.