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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Thursday Three:

Appeared in Movies or film? Only if you count my three hour taped contract presentation a couple of years ago. I was decribed as a young Grady Reeves. If you know that reference, then you have been around Huntsville too long. Oh, and I once appeared on 20-20. They edited my comments until I looked like a blooming idiot. Well, since I was gullible enough to think they wanted the real story, I guess they edited correctly.

A TV Show? Since I only watch Scifi, medical shows (I like to see people being cut on) and home improvement shows, this is not really my category, but I see a show with a bunch of Country and Bluegrass musicians sitting around joking and playing, maybe with a couple of big-breasted blondes for the non-musically inclined. If my usual luck holds up, someone will tell me it has already been done, in which case I submit a drama in which a handsome army maintenance officer struggles each week to get the broken weapons back to the combat guys, his every brilliant idea stymied by complacency and stupidity of his superiors. He would be assisted by his all woman crew of mechanics.

Greatest Actor? Dean Jones. Haven't you seen "The Love Bug"? Now there's a classic movie, not as good as "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" but none the less, good.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004
There has been a bit of discussion about the Army's decision to recall individual ready reservists to active duty. This is an unusual action, but not unprecedented. I left the Army after ten years and was recalled a couple of years later and served an additional twenty years. I was an IIR resource in the interim two years. As a retireee, I am subject to involuntary recall until age 60 and voluntary until 70. I recently received a message that the Army was asking retirees to volunteer for active duty to act as survivor assistance officers. Several of my friends have attempted to volunteer for active duty. Of course my friends tend to be like me, a bit long in the tooth for field duty.

Back when I joined the Army, when we had the draft, the service obligation for both voulunteers and draftees was six years. In the late 1980's, Congress changed the obligation to 8 years in an attepmt to help the reserve and Guard enhance their numbers. Additionally, there are people who voluntarily remain in the IRR after their obligation is up. These are true volunteers and I doubt that any would complain if called up.

I would not be over-joyed to be called up, but I would not complain - much.