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Friday, June 11, 2004
This morning I while listening to NPR's Morning Edition, I heard an interview by Juan Williams with the President of South Africa . Williams asked him about President Reagan. The reply was that Reagan talked to the African National Congress being the first American Administration to do so. He said that helped with the ANC's effort to overthrow Aparthied. Now this is where I am confused. Yesterday. Juan Williams interviewed an American "Civil Rights" leader about Reagan and his relations with Blacks. The interviewee gave as an example of Reagan's actions that hurt him with Blacks was his refusal to talk to the ANC.

Am I missing something?

Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Since I haven't done much posting about things I know, I think I'll switch to posts about things I don't know.

Why do I get more spam email than real email? Is the Internet trying to tell me something?

Is there a law that says Alabama drivers are not to use turnsignals?

How could Ronald Reagon be both a second rate actor and a great communicator because he was an actor? I think that being President would require an Oscar level performance, but what do I know?

Since Douglas Adams has died, where will I find the insane science fiction I enjoy?

Does anyone other than me think there is an existant threat to the US and at the same time think the government is pretty well clueless?