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Thursday, May 27, 2004
Okay wierd people. The wierdest has to a friend of my son. He is a brilliant young man but is strange. On top of being strange, he married a woman whose picture is the illustration for "wierdo" in Webster's and he has decided that whatever makes her happy is his life's goal. She has decided that they will talk for three hours uninterrupted every night. She schedules a subject and appropriate reading material so he can be appropriately conversant. When they have dinner parties (which they do since it is the "thing" to do) his friends sit downstairs and hers upstairs since his friends do not have the intellectual capability to converse with her friends. Of course his friends tend to be graduates of schools such as Notre Dame and hers attended Podunk U. For some reason, none of his friends go to more than one party.

Her most recent idea is a coffee shop in downtown Denver. Starbucks is on every corner, but she is sure that the intellectuals in Denver are ready for a classy coffeeshop. He is planning on quitting his $100K plus job and opening the shop. She has already resigned her teaching job since they will soon be rolling in the money. Okay, they are not weird, they are plain old crazy.

I have no quirks that I can think of although my wife insists that I have several that drive her crazy such as my ability to get completely lost in a book and I do mean completely. Give me a good book and I am gone for hours. I would rather read the book than see the movie ever. My special effects are far superior to anything Hollywood can do.

I voted for George McGovern (the other choices were Nixon and Wallace) and I think I voted for Perot in '96. I know it wasn't Clinton (see principle 1 below) and Dole never struck me as someone who should be a Senator nevermind President. This year I am faced with a difficult choice. Two of my basic priciples are in conflict. I don't vote for the incumbent and I don't vote for idiots. Okay so I already violated #2 in '96 but that doesn't help out a lot now.

Monday, May 24, 2004
We're back from the wedding where a good time was had by all. I guess we are a fairly representative American family. We had guests from Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama, Florida, Texas, California and Colorado and one of the bridemaids traveled from Costa Rica. The newlyweds did all the wedding planning and preparation and if they do the rest of their married life as well, they will do good. The wedding was in a small chapel in Golden, Colorado and the reception was at a stately old house that had been moved to a site with a beautiful view. Friday evening was one of those perfect Colorado spring nights with temperatures in the 60s so it was comfortable to stand on the large deck and look out over parts of Denver through the gaps in the foothills.

We managed to spend time with several old friends and make new ones from the groom's family. I think my Daughter did good in her choice of husband.

Yesterday morning we dropped them off at the airport for their honeymoon flight. They had spent most of the previous night at their respective apartments packing for their move to Oregon which happens as soon as they return from the honeymoon and were looking pretty worn when we picked them up at 7 yesterday morning. At the airport, I told my new son to be careful not to get sunburned at the beach. He said he was planning to spend the next couple of days in bed since he was so tired. About the time he got that out, he realized that he was talking to his new father, mother and grandmother-in-law and turned as red as if he were already sunburned.