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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
I'm off to Colorado for my daughter's wedding. I was not sure the day would ever come. When she was younger, I wasn't sure here would ever be a man who could tolerate her personality and when she started dating, I didn't think I would be able to tolerate any of the guys she brought home. Now amazingly, she is marrying a very nice young man who like her has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a very level head (He has the level head, not her). I still wonder a little about how he will be able to handle her, but I have to admit she has grown to be a very nice young woman. She is still as stubborn as a mule, but she comes by that honestly since her Mom and both Grandmothers could have taught the mule lessons. (Emulating my hero,Terry Oglesby, I have never mentioned this blog to my wife or anyone who might tell her about it).

They are returning to Denver from the honeymoon on May 30 and she plans on moving to Oregon on June 1. She has to beat her brother who waited three weeks after his honeymoon to move to another state. Then again, he would say that he had to put his house on the market and sell it before moving.

Please say a prayer for a long and happy life together for the newlyweds.

So the Catholic Bishop in Colorado Springs says that Catholics who vote for politicians who support ideas counter to Catholic teaching should not take Communion and it causes a major uproar. He is putting religion into politics! No, he is telling Catholics under his pastoral care that they should examine thier lives before participating in a core sacrament of the Church. Who, other than the congregant, knows how he or she voted? God!

The Bishop is not telling his flock how to vote. He is telling them what it means to be a Catholic.

There is a difference. I once asked a guy who said he was a devout Catholic and also a devout Democrat what he did when the positions of the Church and Party conflicted. He said he followed the Party. The Bishop is saying to Catholics such as him that the Church comes first.

I suppose if a person doesn't really believe that religion is important, then for him the Bishop is out of line. But then I wonder why they would even say they are Catholic. Either you believe what the Church teaches or you don't.