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Thursday, May 06, 2004
I see that I have been really derelict in posting. Been real busy and it isn't getting any better. I have thought really hard and I honestly can't come up with the name of a current non-Federal politican who I believe to be doing a good job. I find that to be a bit disturbing. Maybe it's me.

I have never held public office.

If I were King for a Day, I would enact the following:

1. No appointed or elected official could ever receive a raise for an office without there being a break in holding that office. For example, if Senator Barron was elected 20 years ago, he would get whatever pay was in effect on the day he was first elected.

2. No appointed or elected official could draw a pension based on the appointed or elected service.

3. I would immediately roll the pay of all appointed or elected officials back to 1980 levels. See number one.

4. I would have any appointed or elected official who takes as much as a donut from a lobbyist shot at sunrise.

I do not believe in term limits. People should be able to elect whomever they wish, but the person elected should really want to serve.

For those who think that if the above were done, only the rich would serve, better the already rich than those who get rich at the public trough. See: Barron, Lowell; Bedford, Roger, etal.