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Friday, April 23, 2004
Where would I live if I didn't live here.

Mooresville, Alabama. The oldest incorporated town in the state, Mooresville is about two regular city blocks of old houses and a post office. Andrew Johnson apprenticed as a tailor in Mooresville. The post office is in an old unpainted pine board building about 10X30.

Asheville, North Carolina. I lived there for four years. A Southern town without Southern weather. In my four years, the high was 93 and the low was zero. It also has the Blue Ridge Parkway. Need I say more?

Mobile. I think the old part of town in beautiful and the people are friendly. Of course there is the problem of heat and humidity, but Huntsville is no prize there either.

Where would I not like to live.

That's a hard one. I love the South.

Okay, I'm not crazy about Jackson, Mississippi. I haven't seen anything more than a mile off the Interstate, but there wasn't anything to make me want to see more.

Orlando, Florida. Big city plus tourists!

Birmingham. Sorry Terry, but BIrmingham doesn't do it for me. I haven't been to Trussville so I can't say if I would like it or not.

Tourist Traps: Gatlinburg. I drove down mainstreet, turned around and left.

Funny, I just realized that I have never really touristed in the South. I guess I better get busy.

Thursday, April 22, 2004
In a post a couple of days ago, I said that I would pick Big Jim Folsom as one of my dead guests for the last week's Thursday Three. Jim Smith commented that he had read that Big Jim was "part alcoholiic, part genius and part moron, the problem being, you never knew which one would show up at the office". For those who do not know, Big Jim was the first man elected to a second term as Alabama's governor after Reconstruction. He was, to put it mildly, a character. I saw him speak one time when he was running for a third term. In those days, the candidates visited small towns and spoke from the back of trucks or any other raised platform available. Big Jim was speaking from the back of a logging truck. That has nothing do do with anything. Big Jim was into his stump speech when someone yelled out that he had heard that Jim had stolen state money when he was governor. Without misssing a beat, Jim yelled; "Of course I did. You don't think I got that big house up in Cullman and my cabin cruiser on the Governor's pay do you? But which would you rather have, me who is honest about stealing your money or one of those other fellers who'll lie about it." The crowd broke into laughter and that was the end of that.

Big Jim was very much a country boy and would always say; "Now y'all come by to see me if you are in Montgomery." One of our local farmer was down in Montgomery delivering some hogs. He stopped by the Governor's Mansion with his hog truck and his overalls and brogan shoes that had been where the hogs had been. He walked into the governor's outer office and said that he wa there to see Big Jim. The receptionist told him to take a seat and the governor would be with him shortly. They had coffee and Big Jim had a life long supporter.

I would have voted for him if he had run after I reached voting age.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004
We had a little rain last night. Not enough to wet the ground, but at least it washed some pollen out of the air. We had our hardwood floor installed in the dining room yesterday and had the old stuff refinished for the second time in three years. Don't ask, but when you get floors refinished, get references and check some of the work the people have done. Our house smells much like a can of kerosene or coal oil as Cletus would say.

The guy who did our floors was named Bubba but he was much more like Cletus than Bubba. Didn't wear a belt and his pants tended to drift down. But he did good work. He will be back sometime today to buff the sealer and put down the topcoat finish. Now if I can find someone fix my family room walls, we will be close to finished with this house for a while. Usually when we get the house just like we want it, we move on but not this time, I hope.

I got a new medicine yesterday. It is supposed to releave my acid reflux and stop the pain. I don't know if it is working or not. I still have some pain, but the Docs are undecided about if the pain is in my stomach or in my ribcage. I get to go for a CAT scan next week and maybe a bone scan after that.

Well, back to the paying gig. Speaking of gigs, Cletus called and asked if he could come to my Thursday night Bluegrass/Country session and play his new mandolin. I told him he would have to ask Jerry since we play in Jerry's garage. He whined that Jerry never liked him and probably wouldn't want him there. All the more reason why he needs to call Jerry and not me. I wonder a little about this mandolin playing Cletus is doing. He has less talent than me if that is possible and I don't remember him ever playing any instrument even though he can sing pretty good.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Well, I'm sorta back. We went to Colorado to visit with our daughter and to spend some time seeing things we didn't see in the six years we lived there.I took my computer planning to work some and maybe even write here, but it was just too doggone nice in the mountains to think about doing anything other than vacationing. I was real sorry to see that I had missed out on inviting three Southerners to dinner especially the dead ones. I guess I would invite Big Jim Folsom as one of my dead guests. He was a humdinger when he was alive and I bet he would be a dandy ghost. I'll think about the rest.

I am off to visit the Doctor to get the results of my tests from a a few weeks ago. I bet he tells me to lose weight, quit eating any of the things I like, and since he is a surgeon, he is bound to want to cut out something and at my age, I am pretty sure I need all the parts I have even those that don't work all that well.