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Thursday, April 08, 2004
Thursday Three:

1. Fried Catfish. My Dad made the best fried catfish I have ever tasted. Covered with cornmeal with a large dab of salt and deep fried. You can serve it with cole slaw or other sides but Dad just did catfish. Lots of catfish. It contains three of the four basic Southern food groups, fat, salt and starch so you'd have to agree it is a fairly balanced meal. Throw in a glass of sweet tea and the quadra-fecta is complete.

2. Pinto Beans boiled with fatback. A disgusting concoction right up there with turnip greens or collards. Better used to fatten Terry's pigs for BBQ than for human consumption.

3. I cooked eggs and sausage in the college caferteria for two years. I can cook a mean egg as long as you like it over easy. Only a pervert eats their eggs other than over easy. Well, an occasional western omelet with salsa isn't bad, but then that is Southwestern cooking.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004
It looks like I will have to talk Cletus into coming out of retirement and cutting some trees for me. For some reason, I seem to have seven fairly large trees that died over the winter. It doesn't make any sense as they are different species and spread throughout the palacial Anderson estates. Note: My wife insists that it would be more palacial without the cars up on blocks. Oh, sorry, a little confused. I haven't gotten the cars yet, just the blocks. I am not sure I have the correct blocks for putting cars on. I have standard eight inch concrete blocks, but I am thinking that solid blocks would work better. Any suggestions on what kind of cars to put on the blocks? I live in a neighborhood that is becoming more upscale so just any old car won't do. I keep expecting the neighborhood quality committee to show up at my door and tell me we have to move. The seven dead trees are probably the last straw.

We are headed off to Colorado on Friday to attend our daughter's shower. They have couple's shower these days so the guys attend too. I think I will buy them something useful such as a table saw. You never know when one may come in handy.

Megan interviewed for a job in Oregon last week. (She interviewed last week. The job is for sometime in the Summer.) They have decided that Denver is too expensive and they are tired of the traffic. I live near Huntsville and hear complaints about the traffic on I-565 and Memorial Parkway. Neither of those streets has rush hour traffic to compare to I-25 through Denver at 10:00 PM. I have never been to Oregon and I see that airfare is about the same as to Denver.

Well, back to the paying gig.