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Friday, April 02, 2004
A great night of music. We played until about 11 PM.. The 13 year old grand-daughter of one of the guys came by and sang a couple of songs. She has a very strong voice and sings great.

I can't understand why my fingers still hurt since I play the guitar several hours every week. I haven't tried the Bass since the horrible pun attack from Terry Oglesby. I have stuck strictly to the electric guitar for two Thursdays now and it has a much softer touch than my acoustic.

I have lots of work today. I met with my government client yesterday and now have to redo a good bit of the documents I have been working on, but it looks like we are making progress on the task.

I'm sure

Nate understands what I am talking about.

It looks like it will be another rotten day here in Huntsville with blue skies, temps in the low 70's and a light breeze. If you don't already live here, you wouldn't want to move here.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Got up early this morning, drove across town and turned my Ph monitor in. I think I did the record keeping all wrong so it may not be much use to the Doc. Of course I was told how to do the record just prior to being given a drug designed to make me forget things so I have a good excuse. After going 48 hours without my anti-acid drugs, I find that I have had less pain than when taking them. Could it be that the drugs are part of the problem?

The hospital is on the other side of town from where I live and it is always a pleasure to drive the streets of Huntsville in the morning. The half of the drivers who are awake are not sure where they are going so it is an adventure everytime. I had breakfast at Rolo's near the hospital along with the regulars and met a relative I never knew existed. One of my Thursday night music buddies was there and he introduced me to a cousin ( about a third). I was away for so long and am the oldest of my generation so I never knew a lot of my family. My music friend had told me a cousin worked there and I knew which lady it was as soon as I saw her. My wife says she sees no resemblance to anyone she knows in my family so I must be seeing something from Debbie's aunts in her. I don't recognize many people from my home town after being away for so many years but I do know which family they come from.

The earliest I can see the Doc for my followup is the 19th. I suppose I'll live that long.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004
I had to go to the Doctor yesterday and swallow a camera so that he could look at my stomach and tell me it isn't happy. What I was wanting to know is why it isn't happy. He offered some reasons:

Smoking- No.
Drinking- No.
Caffiene- Not much since I usually go for decaf.
Stress- Well, maybe. Anyway, he thinks I have the beginnings of some good ulcers.

I am wearing a monitor which is receiving a signal from Ph measuring devices in my stomach. Pretty high tech, but I am going to be unhappy if it tell the Doctor that something I like is causing my pain. It had better not be ice cream.