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Friday, March 26, 2004
I do enjoy Thursdays and the chance to play Country and Bluegrass for a few hours. Last night, one of the guys sang Marty Robbins "Big Iron" and "El Paso". Both are long stories set to music and by the end I had gotten the context of the music down. I fall in the rhythmically impaired category of musician unless we stick to C and G major in which case for some reason I never have a problem. I didn't take the Bass last night. After the stream of rather bad puns about fish over at Possumblog yesterday, I wasn't sure I could play it without thinking about Pike, Catfish, Tuna and such. I stuck with electric lead last night and actually got a compliment on my playing from one of the singers. I think it may have been because I didn't mess up the time too bad and he was able to sing without cringing.

My goal as a electric lead player is to play the lead part from Merle Haggard's "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink". Funny thing, I think I can play the Bass part but Terry has destroyed my self-esteem and I now have issues with playing the Bass.

What I need is a Tuesday night garage band to practice for my Thurday night sessions or for the Thursday night guys to pick about thirty songs rather than a new list of fourty every week.

Of course, a smidgen of talent would be helpful. I know the Good Book says we shouldn't hide our talents but do you think we get extra credit for exercising those we don't have?

Thursday, March 25, 2004
I have now attempted to play the Bass twice in my weekly Bluegrass/Country group. As a timing impaired person, the Bass may not be the perfect instrument for me. On the other hand (where there is a completely different set of fingers), you don't have to play nearly as many notes as on the guitar and as a dexterity impaired person, that is helpful. Jim Smith says that chewing gum helped him keep time but I cannot even pat my foot (Okay, so it is impossible to play Bluegrass if you cannot pat your foot) and play the guitar at the same time. Maybe my Mama was wrong about me being successful at something.

I am looking for the words to the Osborne Brothers' "My Favorite Memory". If anyone happens to know them, I think I may actually be able to play the tune since it is not one of the NASCAR type Bluegrass tunes. Actually, I really like to play "Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms" which is pretty fast, but no one else in my group likes the song so I stick with "Lily's White Lies" which is nigh on to being a perfect Country song.

Next: I attempt to play the Mandolin and am banned from being in decent company forever. I do have one, but playing the Mandolin requires more notes than anything other than the Banjo, which I also cannot play except for a stirring rendition of "Dueling Banjos". My problem is the switching from the Banjo to the Guitar. I just can't make it sound like those guys in the movie all flowing together. Must be a timing thing.