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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Another exciting day in the works. I am off to see a potential investor who may bring a good bit of business with him if we can work the deal. Operating a small business is interesting. There are hundreds of things you have to do as soon as you hire someone. Keeping up with government regulations is a full time job and if you expect to make any money, you have to do some actual work on top of staying ahead of the government. Take accounting; I do work for the federal government so I have to have an accounting system that captures the information required to establish my rates. That system doesn't quite capture what I need for tax purposes so I need one to do that. The two don't provide the management information I want so I add a third set for management feedback. And I still haven't done anything to bring in money.

Maybe I should just take up music full time since I seem to make as much at that as I do working and it is not nearly as hard.

Monday, March 08, 2004
An exciting day trying to figure what taxes we need to pay to whom and if the whole thing is worth it. I owned a small business about 25 years ago and had forgotten just how much fun it is dealing with the government at every level. The most fun is dealing with the employees of the lower levels of government. It is usually easy to determine if the "worker" serves at the pleasure of an elected official or has civil service protection. Elected officials seems to actually care if a member of the electorate gets upset while the CS people couldn't care less.

I rent a small office inside the Huntsville City limits. That decision cost me $1000.00 for license fees which seems a little high since I deliver no services inside the city. Oh well, I'm sure the city does a lot for me if I just look hard enough.

I see that it has been a while since I posted anything. I have been busy trying to get more business for my company with some sucess. I have added two new employees (a big 30%) and it looks good down the road for more people. Unfortunately, I am now at the stage where I have to have employee handbooks, all kinds of written policies and new and exciting accounting systems. Not much time left over for fun.

I have replaced the 93 Mazda Super Truck with a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport, 4.7 OHC V8, 5M and big "tars". After 13 years of driving 85 horsepower, having actual torgue and power is different. I am trying not to hurt myself while I get used to it.

Retirement update: We have backslidden a bit after investing more money in the company so I guess I now am back to having to work about three years past my death.