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Friday, November 14, 2003
This column by Michael Barone expresses very well my thoughts.

I have never felt that I fit in the Boomer generation since very few of the values expressed by the "leaders" corresponded with mine.

Thursday, November 13, 2003
Saturday I borrowed a trailer and drove over to the farm to get the things that didn't sell during the estate sale. Drove back to Huntsville and after a couple of failed attempts, backed the trailer up the driveway, unloaded it, carried the stuff upstairs in my shop. Noticed that it was awfully dark up there then remembered that I had never finsihed wiring it for lights. That explained why the switch didn't work.

Got out my tools and set out to wire for light. Finished up the wiring, hooked up the circuit breaker, threw the switch and everything went dark. I mean everything, including the lights that have been working pretyy good for a couple of years. Right away, I surmised that the circuit breaker must be blown and that there was most likely a short circuit somewhere. After due consideration, I came to the conclusion that it was probably in one of the boxes I had just wire so I started at the breaker box and worked out. I noticed that someone had tied a white wire directly to a black wire at teh wall switch. I looked around for the person who may have done that but didn't see anyone other than me. Since I know better than tied the white to black, I have no idea who did it.

Anyway, got it all sorted out and now have light in my upstairs shop.

Returned the trailer and it wouldn't disconnect from my trailer hitch ball. The owner said it had been giving him problems but a big hammer usually worked. It didn't. Ended up removing the hitch ball from my truck. We noticed that the trailer tongue was bent. I picked up the trailer on Tuesday (put the hitch ball back on my truick) and took it to my brother's where we used his auto body portable press to straighten the thing. As we worked on it, the hitch ball fell out. Seems the tongue had been bent for some time. The owner is happy to have a functioning trailer.

Fixing the trailer and wiring the shop are the most satisfying things I have done all week. Maybe it is time to go back to working with my hands.

Is 57 too old?

Losing your wallet or purse is certainly an interesting experience. First, you have no identification. Monday, I checked about getting a new drivers's license. No problem. Just bring a government document showing your name and birthday. I have a copy of my birth certificate in my safety deposit box. The problem is, you need a picture ID in order to get into your box. Finally, I remembered that I have an expired passport. I went to the bank and the first employee I see is a young man I coached in Little League in Germany in 1983, but who I have not seen in about ten years. He vouched for me and I didn't need my passport.

Monday, I got the driver's license. Yesterday, I got a new retired military ID, a temporary AAA card (a necessity when you drive old worn out trucks), a credit card and a new wallet. I am back in business. I exist again.

Monday, November 10, 2003
I lost my wallet on Saturday. I suspect I was pocket picked. What a pain! Cancel all the credit cards. Get new driver's license and all my other cards.

On top of that, I lost my favorite screw driver and my watch batrery ran down.