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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
I spent three days last week at in-law's estate sale. My Mother-in-law moved to Florida and couldn't take most of her things with her. We had several hundred people come through each day. It was interesting to say the least.

We hired a professional to run the sale. I must say that it she was worth her pay. She priced the articles well above wht we would have and she sold everything. Did you know that people will buy broken ax handles?

Saturday afternoon, a young man who always helped around the farm when he was in his teens stopped by. He and I were talking and I noticed that the name of a girl I didn't know was coming up quite often. Finally I asked him if he had a serious lady friend. He said he did and that he was shopping for a ring. He said he was really concerned about getting married. He is 28, works full time and has 50 head of cattle.

His next line after telling me that he was ring shopping was; "I know just about everything about cows and pigs but I don't know anything about women and getting married just about scares me to death."