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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
What can I say? Been busy with my new duties as an ace reporter for "The Proboscis" the Weevil State University newspaper and with what pays my mortgage.

Some time ago, I wrote about the Chief of Police of Grant, Alabama, my hometown, being killed by a teenager hopped up on meth. It turns out that my uncle is friends with the father of the boy who did the shooting. The father expects the boy to get a minimum of life without parole and possibly death.

Until a few months ago, the boy was doing okay, but then he tried meth and now his life is effectively over. Oh, I suppose that a few years down the road, Alabama may decide that he should be released, but I doubt it. The boy is 17 and apparently got some meth when he was 16 most likely from one of the many local manufacturers.

My brother has called the drug enforcement people several times about a guy making meth. There is a steady stream of cars to the dealer's place starting 20 minutes after school lets out and my brother's grand daughter says the passengers are kids she goes to school with.

In one conversation with the drug enforcement people, my brother was told that they didn't spend much time trying to catch the meth guys out in rural areas since they generally took their own stuff and wouldn't live more than a year or two and there weren't many people out there anyway.

Damn, I sure am glad we are rednecks. If we were black or Hispanic, the government wouldn't do anything for us.