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Friday, August 29, 2003
Not much posting lately. I write the posts and they show up three days later. I suppose I have been hanging around with Terry Oglesby too much and Blogger now treats me as if I were the one who makes all the rude comments about its performance. Terry seems to be off the air so maybe things will improve with Blogger and Blogspot. I surmise that his new computer didn't work or is not installed, but I was impressed to hear that the City of B'Ham is updating to Windows 2000.

As an 8088 in a Pentium world, I appreciate when agencies update to the cutting edge of technology.

Tonight is my weekly country and Bluegrass night.
Cletus says he is coming by to sing with us. Billy Joe Bob is right. Cletus does Merle pretty good. He has been in our little jam session several times and after we convinced him to quit the Elvis impressions, he has been a welcome addition.

I have one of those Possumblog weekends coming up with Saturday being dedicated to farm work, Sunday to the annual remembrance of my F-in-law's birthday and death and Monday to my honey-do list.

If I survive, I may even bore you with it.

By the way, does anyone need several tons of junk collected over 125 years of farming? I do mean junk. My In-laws and their parents never threw anything away and we literally have tons of old angle iron, broken plowshares (I suppose I could send those to Roy Moore), broken bolts, old chemicals (anyone need any 40 year old DDT ar an idea of what to do with it?) and about 3000 wrenches and other tools that have been exposed to fertilizer and left to rust. A day of searching through it yielded exactly two useful items-the branding irons from the original 1880 homestead. Now I have to get it hauled away.

How will you spend your Labor Day?

Wednesday, August 27, 2003
I have been working to get a new employee benefits plan is place for my company. We are only four people, but we need a decent plan to attract good people. Lots of fun! Everything is expensive!

Blogging has been slow because my brain has been turned to mush by insurance langauge. I thought about scanning some and posting it here but figured I would be banned from the Blogosphere for posting cruel, inhumane and incomprehensible prose.

I see that Roy's Rock has been moved. Interestingly, I ate breakfast at one of the places in Huntsville where politics and politicians are hot topics and heard nothing being said about Roy"s Rock. It doesn't appear to be as hot a topic up here as it is in Montgomery. Oh well, we are the hinterlands.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Sunday I went to Church. After the worship service I taught an adult Sunday School class. I spent most of the morning looking over my shoulder waiting for the Godless Federal Government to come and take me away or to drag us all out and lock the doors on the Church building. It didn't happen. Amazing!

I tried to get up a group of people to go to Montgomery to support Roy and his Rock, but no one felt up to it. One man even told me that he thought Roy's Rock was a lot like the upperclass gentlemen in the Bible who were very public in their paryers and offerings. He said that he seemed to remember that Jesus said that God didn't value such displays very highly.

What can I say. I attend Church with a bunch of Phillistines.