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Thursday, August 14, 2003
Well, another exciting week of government contracting that left little time for writing useless drivel or is that a redundancy? Other than my slightly nutty correspondent who wants to build a non-hackable software system at the super-top-secret FBI level, there has been precious little excitement.

My wife has given up on me ever doing the landscaping and has hired a friend to do it. He has talent and a sense of balance with nature so it is better for me to work earning the money to pay him. It takes less time and saves wear and tear on the body not to mention the spirit as the wife coaches me in the work.

Hope to get back to more blogging next week.

Monday, August 11, 2003
Category: Why Me Lord?

So we go off to a couple of gatherings arranged by helpful government agencies and hand out business cards to people who seem to be perfectly normal and who, after all, are in business just like we are. Let it simmer a couple of days and we get a message asking if we are interested in a joint venture to pursue some government contracts. We check their webpage and it looks interesting so we answer : "let's get together and talk". We get this back and I am not making it up:

What we are interested in as a LJV is an equal-footing relationship under
Federal Criminal Laws for the desired end results, where XXXXXXX
Industries will have the exclusive and absolute rights to the software along
with all of the ability to change it as needed from time to time through our company assigned pass codes. We want it hacker-proof and as secure as it can
be for Top Secret at a minimum. It will be unique, and no other like it in
any regard on this Earth.

All of these matters are under Acts of US Congress Rules, to include but not
limited to : 37th U.S. Congress Acts of Treason; 73rd U.S. Congress 'For
National Defense'; 90th U.S. Congress '351-3 Omnibus Crime Control and Safe
Streets Act'; and the Anti-Terrorist USA Patriot Act of 26 October 2001.

This Project is a turn-key application under Federal Supply Code Number
21620 issued by the Battle Creek Federal Center, Battle Creek, Michigan, and
not otherwise.

The design work applicable thereto will be provided in a security-tight
facility and we will provide the Security Director who was formerly assigned
by the FBI to The White House, whereas he will make all of the personnel
approvals and methods of operation to fit his protocol.

Unless otherwise noted, all correspondence will be sent in the clear by
E-mail. All technical information will be transmitted by either Certified or
Registered U. S. Mail having a Return Receipt Requested, or, in-person
hand-delivered. All face-to-face meetings and all telephone calls will be
Voice-Print Recorded under Federal Law 90-351 Title 3 and delivered to the
Federally authorized person(s) in regard thereto, with an authorized copy
thereof for the above referenced Security Director, who shall serve as the
informant for the Federal Court trial(s) applicable to any breach under
these Federal Criminal Laws.

Said another way, this is hard-ball.

I told my partner to reply that we were not interested, but the guy won't take no for an answer. He keeps sending missives that get more dire as to the consequences of not following security laws.

To top it off, I don't think any business will come from my two days with the government.

I did get a free lunch from the Veteran's Administration though.