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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
I really, really hate this. I am overrun with work and unable to participate in exciting discussions of food sucn as fricaseed manatee. Now if I only could get to the paying work, it would be great.

Sunday, August 03, 2003
A very busy week highlighted by lunch with Terry Oglesby aka Mr. Possumblog. Terry and I almost didn't meet. He gave good instructions to the Museum of Art and I followed them fairly well, up to the point of meeting him at the front door. I assumed he meant the front of the restaurant and waited there. Terry and I have talked about building design and how it should fit with its surroudings, incorporating the natural landscape and existing structuresas much as possible. The Birmingham Museum of Art definitely does that and I was admiring the trees through 50 ft high windows and realized it was five minutes past the time I was to have met Terry.

I had been carefully watching for a five ft tall, 300 pound man with soft greyish fur and none had come by. I walked back toward the front door and there was a nice looking young man standing in the hot sun. I figured he must be waiting for someone and that it might be me. I started walking toward him and he turned around to look in the Museum. From the look in his eyes, I could tell that a superior intellect lurked behind that mild-mannered exterior and immediately knew he had to be a member of the Axis of Weevil. Nate McCord had said he might come to B'Ham to have lunch with Terry and me, but I have seen Nate's picture (or at least the one he has at his site) and this was not him. Using my magical power of deduction (I have also been reading Harry Potter), I decided it had to be Terry even if the subject did not weigh 300 pounds, was definitely taller than 5 ft and there was no evidence of fur.

We had a nice if overly expensive lunch and some great conversation. I left him with several copies of Road and Track magazine and returned to an exciting afternoon of trying to market my services to government and big business. It is rough trying to sell yourself when you have no discernable skills. After a stop for a BBQ dinner (chopped pork, as God intended), I made my way back to Huntsville, dodging wonderful drivers the whole way. Had just enough time to read Terry's account of our lunch then back to work.

Saturday, I worked with my nephew on how to improve his business operations and caught up on long over due visits to elderly relatives. I have spent the afternoon on Church business and trying to deal with a government Internet based registration system for small businesses. Tomorrow at 5 AM, I am off to Pelham, AL to a Veteran's Administration conference for veteran owned buinesses.

I really need to get a life.