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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
I am concerned. I have been gone for a week and only got six spam emails on the Juno email account I use for this Blog. Of course, I did get 20 on my business account. I considered taking my laptop along on vacation, but then I spend too much time answering email. This time I left a phone message to call a coworker if someone really needed to talk business and it worked well. I think I will do that from now on, maybe even while I am at work.

Not much to tell. I am looking forward to lunch with the Possumman while I am in B'Ham tomorrow assuming we can work it out. I am spending the day at a Small Business Administration function telling government agencies and large businesses how wonderful my company is and what we can do for them. Should be interesting.

I had a first on this trip. I managed to lose all my keys. They must have fallen from my bag. Fortunately, I had left a garage door opener with a freind and was able to get in the house. My wife is in Florida for another week and it could have been bad sleeping on the driveway until she returns.