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Thursday, April 03, 2003
A new record. 39 spam messages from 10 PM yesterday to 8 Am today. Most were offers of immense wealth but this batch had anumber of offers to sell me Brazilian girls. I guess the purveyors of girls have found out that I am soon to be a very wealthy person and think that I will need girls from South America to help me spend the money.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Changing Plans

I just read about GEN Franks plan for the liberation of Iraq changing. Okay, I have read it several thousand times and have heard it at least that much.

Military plans change constantly. That is why a G3 shop has a plans section and an operations section. US Forces start planning from the "Commander's Intent". The Commander lays out his overall objective and the planners build on that. The Commander's Intent is known at every level down to the foot soldier. A classic example of the Commander's Intent being carried out by a very junior soldier is the capture of the Remagen Bridge over the Rhine River. The Sergeant at the scene found the bridge still standing and knowing the objective was to get across the river, he proceded to take the bridge. The "plan" didn't say capture the Remagen Bridge, but the Sergeant knew the Commander's Intent.

Military people say the the "plan" never survives first contact with the enemy. GEN Frank's plan has been changing and evolving, but his intent has not wavered. He, Sec. Rumsfeld, Gen Ryan and the President reiterate it constantly. The intent is to eliminate the Saddam regime. I bet every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine can tell you that.

Apparently, reporters, retired generals and pundits don't listen as well as the fighters do.