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Wednesday, March 19, 2003
This reminds me of trying to talk to my beloved mother-inlaw about politics. She is such a devout Democrat that she is unable to admit that any Republican could ever be anything but evil. Since I do not agree with everything any Democrat ever did, she assumes I am a Republican and never misses the chance to hammer me on some imagined wrong. Like Mr. Balkin, she will go to her grave insisting that G.W. Bush stole the 2000 election. She sees no contradiction in the fact that the disputed counties in Florida were run by Democrats, the butterfly ballots designed and approved by Democrats and the hanging chads counted by Democrats. She can't see the forest for the Donkeys.

On Gore in 2000. Carry Tennessee, your home state or Arkansas, BIll Clinton's home state and you are President.

Since Prof. Balkin is a Professor of Constitutional Law, I would have thought he would be familiar with the Constitution and the Electoral College, but then some things inconveniently keep the desired out come from happening. Prof. Balkin knows who should have been elected. Too bad the Constitution didn't support him.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
I am not sure that this (Thanks to Bill Quick) really makes a lot of sense. If the terrorists are capable of conducting attacks, why would they wait until we attack Iraq. They don't seem to need any excuse for attacks other than their hatred for the West and the US in particular. If they are capable of conducting the attacks, I would think they already would have.

Of course, attacks premised on a US assault on Iraq should remove any doubts about "connections".