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Thursday, February 20, 2003
From the looks of my email, the boys over at the BBQ Emporium have succeeded in sending their get rich quick correspondents my way.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
So how was your weekend?

Really swell.

"We" have decided to replace the carpet in our bathrooms with linoleum because "we" do not like carpet in a bathroom. So on Saturday, "we" pulled up the carpet only to find linoleum under it. Of course it has bunch of tack and staple holes and is not what "we" have selected for our new decor. Pull up old linoleum. Sub-floor is a mishmash ( always wanted to use that word. My other favorite is exacerbate.) It is made of several different type of manufactured "wood" none of which are the same thinkness as its neighbors. After screwing the pieces down with deck screws, determine that the difference is 1/8 inch. Go to shop and find 1/8 inch paneling. If you do enough projects, you always have the just the right thing for the job. Measure supply of paneling and determine that we are three square feet short.

Monday: Go to Home Depot and buy more paneling. Of course, we now have 29 square feet too much, but there are always future projects. (Editor's note: All of which will require about three more than 29 square feet)
Nail paneling in place. Put new 1/4 inch sub-floor down. Discover that table saw really rips paneling and makes big splinters. Stick half inch splinter in the side of index finger. Break off the 1/4 inch not embedded in finger. Use large needle to dig down far enough to get hold of remainder with tweezers. Make discovery of small gusher of red gold. Makes me fell like a "wildcatter".

Get new sub-flooring in place. Total project has taken 12 hours plus two trips to the Depot. Discover that every joint in body hurts. Take a generous dose of naproxen-sodium. Have nice buzzy, sick feeling while watching Stargate, SG1. O'Neill saves the world three times in four hours.

Joints quit hurting.

Good thing that the paying work calls. I wouldn't survive another day of a long weekend.