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Friday, February 14, 2003
Several years back I was stationed on an AF Base in Colorado. We worked on software and the AF operated satellites. We had nothing to do with nuclear weapons but every year, we would be treated to a protest show of anti-nuclear nuts parading around outside the main gate waving signs telling us what baby killers we were. The base commander issued strict instructions that no one from the base was to confront the protesters in any way.

One year it was really cold. If you have been on the eastern plains of Colorado when it is zero with thirty MPH winds, you know how painful being outside is. The protesters showed up everyday of their schedules demonstration and paraded around for hours. Finally one of my civil service friends could take it no longer. Jim joined the Marines when he was 15, lying about his age to get in. He served 10 years in the Marines including a tour in Vietnam. He then left the Marines and went to the CIA where he worked in Vietnam with John Paul Vann remaining in Vietnam until the fall in 1975. He then sponsored a number of Vietnamese families into the US. Jim was not a person to be messed with.

About the third day of the demonstration, Jim stopped his car, got out and walked over to the demonstrators. "Folks", he said, " If you are going to freeze your asses off, at least have the good sense to known what you are protesting. There ain't no nukes here!" About that time the Security Police showed up and escorted Jim back to his car.

Jim is now retired from both the Corps (45 years, Lieutenant Colonel) and civil service. I wonder if he talks to the peace marchers in Colorado.

Monday, February 10, 2003
Ah the fun of a "user friendly" internet based information system. Spent the afternoon trying to enter some information into an electronic reporting system. I was inspired to write a poem. Apologies to Lee Ann Morawski who appears to actually like poetry.
Database Fun
Logon, wasn't that fun?
Nonsense screen, oh my!
Read help, wasn't that fun?
Enter data, see screen go blank!
Blank verse, no rhyme here.
Logon, read help, try again!
Curse and scream!!
Oh, the pain
Repeat until numb!

You can see why I majored in Math and Physics. For the English majors out there, I think the author of this poem was trying to address the human condition specifically man's inhumanity to man.