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Friday, January 10, 2003
What I believe:

1. I am a Christian and as such I believe that Christianity is the only true religion. If there is more than one, then we should all opt for the Church of the Beach. To heck with all the obligations of the traditional religions. I believe that there are Christains in every Christian denomination and that every denomination has pew warmers.

2. All men and women should have the opportunity to reach their potential. I believe that people have different potentials and desires so not everyone will reach the same summit.

3. All able-bodied people have a moral obligation to help those less fortunate.

4. I have an obligation to pay my share of the cost of operating the machinery of society. I believe that it is robbery if the rest of you gang up and take more than my fair share from me.

5. Those who are not willing to defend themselves, their family, community and nation are idiots who deserve the death or slavery that awaits them at the hands of predators.

6. Those people who travel off to places such as Iraq, Iran and North Korea and announce to the world that everything would be just peachy-keen if the US would behave itself are at best useful idiots.

7. The refusal of some government officials to recognize the source of the current threat against our nation is traitorous.

8. The US will prevail, those who bemoan the loss of liberty as we fight terrorism will not be in cells when the war ends and the world will be a better place when there is freedom for everyone.

Before Breakfast. is up for the week.

Thursday, January 09, 2003
I erred in yesterday's post about military expenses. The personnel accounts are Military Personnel-Army, Navy, etc. not Military Manpower. I have corrected the post. Sorry.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003
As some of you may remember from the early days of this blog (okay, Terry Oglesby is the only one from the early days), I am a retired Army officer with a total of 32 years active and reserve service. I have started an alternate sitehere for serious talk about the military and possible wars. I am nowhere near the militray thinker that Donald Sensing and Steven Den Beste are, but try it out. Posts should be at least weekly since serious stuff is harder than craziness, at least for me. Stick with your talents my Mama always said.

Speaking of the environment, this morning I saw an eagle about 200 feet from my house. I wonder if I can put up an eagle feeder alongside my Finch feeder, Bluebird feeder and just plain bird feeder. Maybe I could get the eagle to eat the squirrels and save a fortune on birdseed. Today we discovered that Redheaded Woodpeckers like peanut butter. Now we are wondering if they prefer creamy or crunchy.

Time for our monthly update on the Mini and retirement. Well, the Mini is still on the jackstands, but we have made great progress. I made solid plans to think about working on it this month. Planning to work, not workin on it. As for the retirement, I think I can stop working when I die, but I need to do some more calculations before I can be sure. If any of the home computer money making offers work out, I am sure I can.

Went out to Colorado last month and got my daughter graduated from Physical Therapy school. She is waiting for a license examination date and going to interviews this month. We got to see our friend who has just been diagnosed with ALS. Her attitude about life is better than mine. A true inspiration.

I commented on Cong. Rangel's Draft proposal a few days ago. Not everyone understands sarcasm so I need to say: It is a dumb idea!

He wants to make it universal. I assume that as a Democrat he wants to draft men and women and he says it will be a universal system. Everyone gets a chance to serve. We wouldn't want to have any discrimination would we? Well, it seems to me that that would mean drafting 1-2 million people each year and running them through at least minimal training. That should tie up the military pretty well. How long are we going to keep them? Two years? Okay, then we have a military of 3-4 million rather than the current 1.3 million. Where will they be? All the existing bases and posts are at capacity. I suppose Congress can appropriate funds to build barracks to accommodate the new troops, but it will cost hundreds of billions. What will the draftees be paid? Do we reduce the pay of junior enlisted to $200-300 per month or pay them the current rates? By the way, personnel costs are the major driver in the Defense Budget. Look it up. Thomas is a good place to start. Try the Defense Appropriations bills and look for Military Personnel-Army, Navy, etc. As far as the costs, you try feeding 2 million teenagers.

So the military can't handle a universal service system and we don't need all the people for defense. Do we exclude some people from the military draft and let them do other national service? Who decides who does what? I don't want my children getting shot at and you want yours in a non-defense job. Who breaks the tie?

Do you think there are any Draft Board positions open? This might be a money making proposition.

I hadn't checked my email for the blog for a few days since I have been off writing a proposal. I had 36 new messages and two of them did not offer to tell me how to make money while working at home with my computer. Shame on Janis Gore and Nathan Lott. I do work at home using my computer and can use all the help I can get and the two people I had ever heard of just talked about blogging. Only 34 ways to make money using my computer. Oh, this morning I did see two signs at the 4 Way Stop near my house saying I could make $4000 a week working at home on my computer. I can't wait to get started so I can quit buying lottery tickets, my other get rich method. Sorry, forgot that we can't buy lottery tickets in Alabama, so I had better get back to my email and reply to all the messages.

A friend has become concerned about the misuse of electrons he sees on the www. He is thinking about starting a movement to save the electrons. I tell him that I don't think any electrons are lost on the www, but he counters by asking what happens to all the electrons that make up the useless email he erases everyday. I have no answer for him. So if you want to become a charter member of the "Save the Endangered Electron Foundation", apply here and I'll pass your name along. Well, you have to admit it makes as much sense as 90% of the other environmental organizations out there.