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Monday, December 30, 2002
I am always amazed at the things that I learn from Christmas letters. This year, I learned that an old friend I have not seen in twenty years has been called to active duty with the Army and in Kuwait. Several people I know around Huntsville have volunteered for active duty and are now off serving around the world. Every week, there is a peace demonstration at the Madison County Courthouse. I wish that I could get the demonstrators and my friends, who are off to some of the more scenic locations our planet has to offer, together to talk about peace. I think that the people wearing the uniform are doing more for peace than the demomstrators, but then I am biased.

I see that Congressman Rangel (D,MI) (here) says he is going to introduce a bill to establish a mandatory draft. Good for him. I agree with very few things that Charlie Rangel says, but on this, I think he is absolutely right. Let's make every 18 year old get out there and put their life on the line for the country. Oh, you say, wouldn't it be fairer to spread the honor around so older people are also drafted. Nah, stick to the 18 year olds. Most of them don't even vote and heaven knows they don't contribute a lot to the economy. A little tour in the military will do them good and we all know that the rich and powerful and even the ordinary citizen doesn't care what happens as far as war if they don't have someone they know whose life is on the line.